The Boss are special monsters that, combined to a generic Dungeon with Boss (and the relative Objective Card, check Dungeons section), offers a great struggle for the Heroes. If a Boss is of the same race of the random dungeon picked then all the monsters of the Dungeon gains +1W! (example a Goblin Boss is picked in a Dungeon Boss with Goblin: all the monsters encountered in the Dungeon gain +1W). The limit for the creation of new Boss is just the creativity of the game group during the Campaign. Beating a Boss always grants the Party with a further Fate Point during their Expedtiion (so, if for example the Party completes the Dungeon in one or two Expeditions and they beat the Boss, they gain a further +1FP). The Boss do not give extra treasures, unless it's indicated in the Boss card, but for every 4 Boss defeated the Party gains a great prize from the regional authorities of 1000 Crowns.