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Each Hero can carry a maximum number of gold Crown equal to his ST Skill x 30. The number of extra weapons, extra armors and object he can carry depens on his ST Skill and is given by the following table:

ST 1-4: no additional weapon and armor, 3 objects
ST 5-7: 1 additional weapon and 1 additional armor, 4 objects
ST 8-9: 2 additional weapons and 1 additional armor, 5 objects
ST 10: 2 additional weapons and 2 additional armors, 5 objects

The objects that are sold in 6 units stock counts as a single object in the Hero inventory. Potions count as single objects, for the attention the Hero has to dedicate carrying them. Scrolls and specific quest objects do not occupy any space in the inventory, as well as magic reagents and books.


Each card indicates the cost in gold Crown (on the top left) and the features of the object it describes. Futher objects, weapons and armors can be introduced by dedicated addon packs, the following are the Standard Equipment Cards included in the Vassal module.


6 Arrows: 10 C
6 Darts: 10 C