The Advanced Heroquest 3.0 project is being developed for a port to the excellent Tabletop Simulator too, a wonderful 3d engine to play board games: focused on Tabletop Simulator is the Minimalistic Mini Project: an effort to create cartoonish and minimalistic 3d fantasy miniatures to be used with AHQ3.0 and with any fantasy themed board game online. The project aims not only to provide a full set of fantasy miniatures to be used in the Tabletop Simulator engine, but to "translate" the classic miniatures from Citadel, Marauder etc. in a cartoonish way, like the following examples:


The Minimalistic Mini Project is available on Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop here, and all the models and the textures are absolutely free to use, modify and customize: any contribution to improve the number of the Minis is welcome. The Minis are realized with Wings3d program, exported as obj files, imported in Curvy 3d (but you can use any 3d program) to obtain a texture: the texture is then modified with Photoshop.

An Orc Warrior modelled in Wings3d

The Orc Warrior imported and textured in Curvy 3d

You can browse all the available obj models and jpg textures here (the ahq directory contains textures aimed to Advanced Heroquest, with proper stats textured on the mini base)

The following are the PSD (photoshop) texture files to be customized and modified:

Goblin, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Humans, DwarvesElfs

The following are the Wings files used to create the models, that you can modify and export as you prefer (please keep the same square base model to proper scale). Note that Humans and Orcs share the same models:

Goblin, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Humans, DwarvesElfs