Addon H1 - Generic Heroes, version 1.0

This first Hero Addon (identified by the letter H) adds 10 generic Heroes to the game, covering the basic classes indicated in the Rulest. The Vassal version offers the Heroes cards and miniatures (on the Cards you can pute your favourite Hero name too), the Tabletop Simulator includes the Heroes cards and the 3d minis for each Hero. This will help players for the setup of quick games skipping the stage of Heroes creation.

Vassal VersionTabletop Simulator Version

Addon M1 - Beastmen, version 1.0

The first Monsters addon (identified by the letter M) adds the Beastmen monsters to the game: Beastman Thug, Herd, Warrior, Knight, Champion, Bray Shaman, Bray Cleric, Doombull and Minotaur. Included 6 new Objective Cards with Quests based on the Beastmen.

Vassal VersionTabletop Simulator Version

Addon Q1 - The Broken Amulet, version 1.0

The first Quest addon (identified by the letter Q) adds a new Quest with unique content addons. Check The Broken Amulet page for downloads and info.