The main variations of the game are about first of all the excessive use of tables that in the original version slowered a lot the flow of the game: tables are replaced by cards decks and many game mechanics are simplified. The game is transformed from a GM/Heroes PvP to a coop in which each player represents an adventurers Guild looking for treasures: the exploration of the dungeons can be accomplished both in a cooperative way with different players sending their guild members, or in solo mode against game AI.

Dungeons are generated always randomly on the basis of the generic indications in the Objective Cards, center of the creation of a dungeon, describing its main features. Each dungeon can be faced during up to three Expeditions, allowing the change of Heroes sent by the Guild to reach the final objective, searching for treasures and Fate Point gathered bu the Guild for each succesfull expedition.

The treasures found in the exploration of the dungeons can be used by the Guild to purchase new skills for its heroes or to hire new heroes, available for hiring randomly during the game. The final objective of the game is to gather the greatest amount of gold during a Campaign, composed by the quests available randomly one after the other.

Summarizing, the main modifications to the original game are:

- Coop instead of GM vs Heroes
- Game centered on Guilds instead that on single Heroes
- Stats of Heroes do not change, they can only gain Skill Cards
- Dungeons always randomly generated by Objective Cards
- Fate Points for the Guild and not for the Heroes