Welcome to AHQ3 Project

This portal has been created to propose a renewed and corrected version of the board game Advanced Heroquest, published on 1989 just afer the glorious Heroquest and before Warhammer Quest. In our opinion Advanced Heroquest combined the immediate appeal of Heroquest with expanded random elements and gameplay deepness, without reaching the complexity and the Role-Play inspiration of Warhammer Quest. The game has been re-designed for a cards decks based experience, and all the complicated tables of the original game have been replaced with immediate cards-picking and dice-rolling dynamics.

The portal present the Ruleset standing at the core of the game reinterpretation, and the necessary resources to be able to play online quickly with the famous Vassal engine: with few clicks you can organize your own adventures on this renewed Advanced Heroquest. The material shared here on this portal can be used for single matches and, more properly, to organize a community game Campagin, in which different Guilds, founded by players with their Heroes, compete for the ultimate game objective: gather, invest and amount huge quantities of gold Crowns! A version for the Tabletop Simulator engine is provided too.

Why Advanced Heroquest?

Because Advanced Heroquest has on its basis a roguelike mechanics: it has random Dungeon creation, as Warhammer Quest has, but has another main feature that WQ doesnt: the mortality of the Heroes. Modern roleplaying and board games tend to introduce super-Heroes instead of normal adventurers through the mechanics of Levelling: during their quests they start to be unbeatable and full of powers. In Advanced Heroquest the Heroes are VERY fragile creatures: the mechanics of the game allows a single, humble, monster to kill a years-old Hero with a single, extra lucky, arrow shoot. And that's something we like from the old school rpg :D

The classic that started the entire family: the wonderful Heroquest

The rules of Advanced Heroquest were full of tables generated by roll dices, but the present reinterpretation is based on Cards Decks mechanics, where everything is explained, shortly, on a single card. Advanced Heroquest shares with Heroquest the simplicity of the rules, the immediateness of gameplay, and with Warhammer Quest the infinite replayability, the huge amount of room-events combination and, once installed the Decks mechanics, an easy way to customize and expand the game.

The material provided with Warhammer Quest was just outstanding for quantity and quality

The game has been centered on the Guilds: each player controls a roster of Heroes and Henchmen, and part of the fun is to see them die or try to train them, in a limited way (a cap-system is activated for training the Stats), to let them survive during their coins-gathering expeditions. Last but not least, Advanced Heroquest, compared to HQ and WQ, has a great humouristical component based exactly on the fragile nature of the Heroes exploring the dungeons and on the lackness of super-Monsters. You will discover how easy to convert any quest, game element, monster and much more using the provided template, in a game in which the same Quest will never be the same every time it's played.

The less famous and played, and yet the one with the greatest potential: Advanced Heroquest

The website is still under construction and the partecipation will be extended once the testing of the system will be completed together with the first final build of the Vassal engine and Tabletop Simulator modules.