Each Mage belongs to a Magic College and can choose and learn Spells only from that College; casting Spells requires the consumption of one or more Reagents indicated in the Spell itself. Each Mage chooses 3 Spells and 4 Reagents to start his career: he can choose two or more Reagents of the same type too. To cast a Spell the Mage has to make an IN check, failing the check means that the spell has not been cast and the Mage skips his turn, while the reagent is not consumed. Some classes consume the reagents on the IN check failure.

The maximum number of reagents that a Mage can carry with him during an Expedition can be improved, as a Skill, with Training, and the points spent to improve this number count as Training points received in the overall count of 10 or 8 total trainings available. Reagents do not occupy physical space in the Hero Inventory, so they are not counted in the number of objects the Hero can carry.

Spells requiring a single reagent can be cast with a single hand free (not wielding any weapon). The ones requiring two reagents need two free hands, so the Mage has to drop his weapon before casting the spell (recovering a weapon from the ground requires an action and doesnt allow the Mage to attack or cast in the same Combat turn; while recovering it allows to move), or two Combat turns spent casting: in this case the check is done on the second turn. Except if clearly indicated, a Spell cant be casted when the Mage is in the Control Zone of an enemy.

Each spell has a gold Crowns cost to be learned: learning a Spell doesnt cost a Training points, just the crowns required to be learned. A Mage can learn just a single spell between the Expeditions. The cost for the Reagents of each College is indicated in the Reagents Cards.


Spell users (monsters too!) can use a dangerous way to cast their spells when they are out of reagents, trying to gather the power needed from the Warp energetical emanations (the source of "raw" magical power). In this case they have to use the Warp dice, a d12 that determinate what happens if they fail to channel the energy. To channel to Warp energy and being able to replace a single reagent (to cast this way spells with two reagents the Mage has to perform a double check) the Mage has to perform a normal IN check, BUT if he fails the effects are given by the Warp dice (no Fate Point can be used to modify the result of a Warp dice), as follows:

 x1 - The Mage is killed, destroyed by the energies out of control, no ressing and cure is possible!
 x1 - The Mage suffers 3 Wounds
 x3 - The Mage suffers 2 Wounds
 x2 - The Mage suffers 1 Wound
 x2 - All the Party, except the Mage, suffer 1 Wound
 x3 - The Mage is unable to cast and lose his next turn