A separate Addon Deck is in preparation to provide an unique experience for the solo-game mode, in the meanwhile the following rules should be applied for solo experience, considering that a properly registered (by log or, better, by stream video) solo quest is absolutely valid for the Campaign mode development.

- There is no Dungeon Cards hand of course: each end of Exploration turn the Party rolls a d12: on 1 a random character (roll a dice to determinate it, usually in standard party of 4 characters: 1-3 1st Hero, 4-6 2nd Hero, 7-9 3rd Hero or 1st Henchman, 10-12 4th Hero or 2nd Henchman) suffers a random Trap Card, on 12 there is a Wandering Monsters Card encounter.

- Wandering monsters are placed always 2 squares from the nearest Hero/Character: hand-to-hand monsters are placed nearest, spell-users and ranged attacks ones are placed behind. Weaker monsters are placed first. Monsters are not moved once placed.

- Dens monsters are placed starting from the farest square from the entering Hero/Character: spell users and ranged attacks monsters are placed first, stronger are placed first. Then hand-to-hand monsters are placed, stronger first. Monsters are not moved once placed-

- Monsters never try to leave Control Zones, in hand-to-hand they attack the nearest weaker (less Wounds first criterium, less Thoughess second criterium) available. Ranged attacks monsters attack weaker Heroes/Characters first too (W and TH first criteria), spell users cast against weaker Heroes/Characters first a random spell (selected with a dice): when they can avoid targeting allies with area of effect they do, but they never avoid to use all the spells as first actions.

- Sentinels are used as normal monsters, they do not open doors.