The Undead are afterlife creatures, suspended between the life and the death, usually brought back to life and animated by necromancers black magic or by powerful magical curses. Undead are a very though challenge for the Heroes and the majority of them has the "Terrifying" skill: Heroes will need to check their courage (as explained below) or they will be not able to face the undead.


Terrifying Monsters: some monsters are so terrifying that they intimidate their opponents. If an opponent is on a Terrifying Monster Control Zone he has to make a CO check, on a failure he's paralyzed by the fear and cant do anything, while if the check is successfull the Terrifying Monster has no effect. Terrifying Monsters are immune to fear.

Cause Disease: a monster able to Cause Disease reduces opponents Strenght and Thoughness when it delivers Wounds with its attacks. Each Hero hit by a cause disease attack receiving Wounds, has to make a TH Check not counting the modifications derived from Armors: if the check is successfull nothing happnes, if the check fails the Hero is diseased and has to note this on his Card. Between the Expeditions the Hero has to be cured by an Healer, if he's not able to cure the disease with an Healer his ST and TH skills are permanently lowered by 1 point: this happens after each expedition till the Hero is not cured, when one of these two Skills reach 0, the Hero dies.

Invulnerability: some monsters have a special magical resistance and it's very hard to hit them: these monsters are wounded with DD only with a result of 12, whichever is the monster Thoughness Skill. Magic Weapons hit monsters with Invulnerability normally.

Ghoul: the Ghouls is an undead with rotten and horrifying aspect, always hungry for alive flesh: it attacks Heroes with its claws or, more often, with clubs working as warhmmer. Their main feature is to be faster than the other undead. When a Ghoul rolls a 12 on a DD, it not only makes a Wound to its target but removes 1 ST point from their enemy, that can be recovered only with an Healer. The effects of this attack are cumulative and when the victim reaches 0 ST he dies.

Wight: the Wight is a spirit of a powerful and famous character who refuses to enter the death realm. It is bound to a place related to its life, often a tomb or a place where he exercised its power (the laboratory of a mage, the tower of a general etc.). The Wight materializes as a spectral human form. Wight attack has the Strenght Drain Feature too: each attack that deliver wounds drain a point of ST from the victim: this effect is cumulative between the different attacks and can be recovered only by an Healer between the Expeditions. If the ST points reach 0, the victim dies. Each time the Wight drains a ST point from a victim, it recovers a Wound for itself too! But no more than a single Wound can be recovered by the Wight each turn.