Skaven are creepy mutant rat men gathering their strenght from the a powerful magical source of energy: an hollow stone called Warpstone. Skaven are used to dig long and complex tunnels under the earth and they come from swampy and unhealthy regions. The majority of the Skaven are normal fighters, while at the head of Skaven society there are always magic users, followed by shamans. The magic of the Skaven developed a real "school" of magic, an autonomous College exclusivity of the Skaven magic users.

Isolated Skavens are not so dangerous, while faced in mass they are deadly enemies; among them there are a lot of "specialist" Skavens, with peculiar powers and skills. Skavens are not used to bows and crossbows: they make a great use of poisonous items, with very special weapons as poisonous glass globes thrown against the enemies. Skaven society applies intensively the slavery against the weaker skaven members: the slavery is so diffused that does exist a specific "class" in the Skaven society: the Enslaver, devoted to the care and organization of slaves manpower. The Skavens tame Giant Rats too, that are often encountered in their dungeons.


Skaven Slave: these are skaven members reduced to slavery, characterized by a very low courage and morale, obliged to fight by the Enslavers. Each time that a Skaven Slave die in fight, all the other Slaves have to make a CO check, failing they will start to flee with no possibility to go back to the Fight. The presence of a Skaven Enslaver removes the necessity of this CO check.

Skaven Climber: this skaven is granted with exceptional acrobatic skills, is equipped with a Poisonous Short Sword. When a DD is 11 or 12 with this weapon, the target is poisoned and lose 1 TH point till the end of the Expedition: only a spell removing the poison can cure the target, normal Healing Potions do not have affect on this poison. The effects of a poisonous attack are cumulative: when the victim reach 0 in TH, he die.

Skaven Incursor: the Incursor is a more specialized and skilled Climber, that applies the same special rules (see above).

Skaven Censer: this skaven has a staff with a censer connected with a chain; the censer contains a deadly stinking gas: it can be thrown up to 12 squares far only a single time during a Fight. The Censer cant throw it standing in an enemy Control Zone. The Censer choose a target within 12 squares in his line of view: the Censer ignores critical rolls (both failure and hit), he has to attack with RS against that range, if the hit is successfull than the attack hits the selected square, if not he has to roll a dice to determinate where the poisonous stinking bomb falls in comparation with the selected target square:

1: short -6, 2: short -5, 3: short -4, 4: short -3,
5: short -2, 6: short -1, 7: long +1, 8: long +2,
9: long +3, 10: long +4, 11: long +5, 12: long +6.

If the throw is short the censer can even hit himeself or a square behind. The stinking globe thrown by the censer cant overpass walls of course, so if blocked by a wall it just fall on the square containing the wall. The stinking gas covers an area of 3x3 with the center in the squadre where it falls, affecting all the creatures in the area: the affected creatures have to make an IN check to take the breath, on a failure the creature just die (only a Fate Point can avoid it). The area affected stands for the entire duration of the Fight.

Skaven Globedier: these skavens carry 4 deadly glass globe filled with poisonous gas, that can be thrown following the rules of the Censer. The differences are that the area of effect is 2x2: the Globedier decides how to place it. The effect of the Poisonous Globes last just for the turn during which is thrown.