Orcs are greenskin humanoids, main representants of the greenskin monsters family. They have strong green skin, tall as humans but a bit more thickset and crooked; they have strong and developed teeth and great jaws. The orcs are organized in clanic structures, even comples ones: the most advanced tribes make alliances and treaties, do not inhabit only dungeons and caves, but hidden geographical zones too, building wood structures, palisades and houses, and, in some rare circumstances, even basical stone buildings.

At the head of the orc tribes there great warriors or magic users and priests, depending on the tribe tradition. Orcs often make alliances with representants of greater and more powerful monsters and are often the manpower and armies: their military skill is good enough to organize on their own in armies, dangerous for civilized regions. The weapons and the armors of the orcs are of low quality, but can be used by human and elven Heroes, for their dimension, always applying a -1 on DD and WS in the case of weapons and -1 on TH in the caso of armors.

Orcs carry small amounts of wealth, they are greedy as human race members and most important orcs can have great quantities of crowns and treasure. The rivality and the hate between Orcs and Dwarves is very strong and radicated in centuries: these two races fight since the beginning.

Ogres are from the Orcs family too: they are greater orcs, tall more than 2 mt and the double size af a regular orc: Ogres are less intelligent then their small cousins orcs, but their superior strenght put them often at the head of orc groups. In some other cases Ogres are just a powerful manpower.