Goblins are small and thin greenskin humanoids, representing the lower and less powerful chain of the greenskin family, part of which are orcs and ogres too. In the organizative structure of the monstruos creatures the Goblins, when in company with other kind of humanoids, are always the weakes ring of the chain and work as manpower or even as slaves. The lack of discipline and the low courage characterize Goblins and make hard their organization in groups and armies, that often end in personal fights even for trivial contentions.

When the Goblins inhabit alone a place, a dungeon or a small geographical area, they have their own clanic structure, with at the head always the mage users and the shamans that command the Goblin society. The majority of the Goblins are simple fighters and archers (the short bow is very used in the Goblin military tradition), while some more skilled and physically talented members among the clan can be specialized warriors, captains or even warlords and necromancer.

The Goblin never organize themselves in communities as villages or towns because of their lack of discipline, they do not have architectural cognitions and inhabit usually caves, dungeons, dirt and wood slums or just simple tents. The weapons used by Goblins are of very low quality and, if it's not specified differently in their sheets, they are absolutely not usable by Heroes. They bring few treasures with them and their armors can be used only by Heroes with Small trait. Some Goblin tribes developed the ability to train savage beasts, especially Black Wolves, that the Goblin are able to mount and to use as companions.